Top 5 brands for headphones

Headphones are fast becoming a must-have for everyone especially those in the communication business. Online gamers are not to be left on this one for games such as Xbox games as well as casino games and AusCasinosOnline.  Get yours from one of the top brands.


This is one of the oldest brands that has provided its customers with quality headphones. JBL gives you the best offers that are suitable for all and they all do manufacture some for professional use.


JBL products are very affordable and accessible in all the countries compared to other brands.  Under this brand are also durable and come in different sizes as well as colours of your choice.


This is one of the top brands in the world competing with the likes of Apple and Sony. It is one of the oldest companies which make them experienced when it comes to creating the of all sizes.

rated as one of the most expensive ones but you will be guaranteed durability and sound.

The brand has the QuietComfort 35 type of headphones as their latest product on the market.


Sony is one of the most popular brands which offers a variety of digital gadgets. Specifically looking at headphones the company has various types which also come at different prices.

Sony has over the years proven to be expensive however it does have some which are very affordable and are available in many countries. Currently, its latest set is the WH-1000XM3 headphones.

Sennheiser headphones

One of the most popular brands. They are durable and affordable though some may be expensive. Over the years the brand keeps up with the latest trends with its latest offering being the HD560S.


Located in Japan and is one of the oldest companies producing audio equipment. The company mainly focuses on producing headphones used by professionals especially music producers.

Very affordable with the cheapest ranging from $150 to $1500. Audio-Technica focuses on the production of headphones used by professions either in the communication business but especially musicians which is why most of them are expensive.

Beyerdynamic headphones

Located in Germany, like other brands, it is one of the oldest companies that produce professional headphones used in communication, music productions as well as online casino games.

The brand is very affordable with the cheapest costing only $60.Beyerdynamics is well known for their ability to produce the sound of high quality. Its latest offering is the Amiron wireless headphones.