Reviews on Netflix 2021

Netflix has over the years become one of the most-streamed when it comes to movies and other television shows. The movies and shows streamed on it get reviews that are feedback from the audiences to see which ones are the ones that have positive feedbacks and negative ones. The same is done when you play online casino games especially in countries where gambling is on the rise like online pokies australia.

online reviews

online reviews

It is these reviews that guide those who are new to it to decide on what they should watch. Here are some of the movies you can choose to watch on Netflix.


Staring one of the best actors in the world Chris Hemsworth, the movie extraction is a must-watch. Also, recommended to those interested in action movies because it involves violence and a lot of explosives.

Furthermore, the story revolves around a young boy who was to be saved by Hemsworth, Tyler in the movie. The movie is directed by Sam Hargrave.

The trial of the Chicago 7

Released in 2020 and directed by Aaron Sorkin. The movie’s storyline revolves around a group of protesters charged for inciting violence. For historical movies, this is a must-watch movie for you.

 The hateful eight

it is just one of those movies you can’t resist watching. Staring the legend Samuel l Jackson the story is about a group of guys who end up stranded in a cabin. However, they fight their way out in such a situation they have found themselves in.


One of the best movies showing on Netflix has been nominated for the Oscars more than any other movie this year.

The storyline centres on one guy who the main actor that is Herman j Mankioewiz who has to work hard to finish up tasks that include chasing Hollywood politics. Also, at the same time dealing with alcoholism.

 The social dilemma

This is a 2020 movie that tackles issues to do with social media and its effects. It’s an eye-opener movie that you should watch. It gives you an insight as to what happens on social from the experts who created the things that we have become addicted to. Directed by Jeff Orlowski the movies staring Tristan harris and bailey Richardson.

Pieces of a woman

If you are interested in drama and how to deal with loss this is the movie for you. Streaming on Netflix the movie has one of the best actresses as its leading characters.

The best performance given by Vanessa Kirby will leave you with tears and most women can relate to the rollercoaster of emotions involved in this movie.

Finally, Netflix has a lot to offer its customers ranging from talk shows to family drama.