The difference between vinyl and CDs

Technology is now the new thing taking over everything. Changing the way things are done, talk of the turntable to CDs.

We talk of communication and even gaming with e coming in of online games like how it’s now easy to play your casino pokies online which saves you time and money.

The same can be said when it comes to music. Back then existed the vinyl and then came the compact disc these two may function the same way but they are different.

vinyls and cds

new vs old

Digital and analogue

It is quite clear that one is digital and the other is analogue. The vinyl is the analogue one that operates in such a way that you have to place your record on it and the production of sound is then enabled by the sensitive needle known as the stylus.

As compared to the cd which is digital, it has binary data on it that allows it to play music on a digital gadget like a DVD player or a computer.

Size of turntable and cd

The two may be shaped the same way in the form of a circle but by just looking at them you can easily spot the difference in size.

CDs are quite smaller compared to turntable vinyl. Vinyl however comes in two sizes, the smaller ones and the big ones. The fact that the CDs are more portable compared to the vinyl makes them more likeable.


It looks like by just being digital the CDs have an upper hand when it comes to the sound. Listening through a cd you don’t have any interferences from the turntable that you experience when y using the vinyl.

However, those of the old school still believe that the vinyl offers the best sound that the CDs lack.

Durability of turntable

The debate of which of the two lasts long, here the vinyl has an upper hand. it is made of polyvinyl chloride that can last for a long time.

This is even used to make plumbing which just goes to show how durable it is. Unlike CDs, they can easily break.

Time constraints

The vinyl is the best when it comes to this fact. Artists do not get to have more songs on one album. By putting it on the vinyl you are assured that your listeners will listen to all your songs.

CDs have a lot of songs that can be placed on them which means that some inferior songs will be on them and people won’t listen to them.